London Skyline

London Skyline

London skyline in B/W. Pentax K5 1/1600 @f5.6 iso160 125mm

I took this image of the London skyline from Alexandra Palace in September 2012. It caught my eye because I saw the Shard which had only recently been completed.


The original raw image (shown below) was processed in Lightroom crop to a wider aspect ratio and convert to black and white. I also had to raise the shadow detail a bit and cut the highlights to get a bit of detail in the sky and clouds. I deliberately kept the horizon low in the image to emphasize  the sky.

I think the black and white processing gives the image more impact than the original colour image and the cropping obviously give a longer telephoto effect than I could achieve with the lens I had fitted.

Both the images are available in full size on my flickr photostream.


Camera Pentax K-5
Lens Sigma 18-125mm HSM


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