My Daughter in the Park

Emma in the Park. Pentax K-5 1/320 @ f4.5 iso160 10mm

Emma in the Park. Pentax K-5 1/320 @ f4.5 iso160 10mm

This picture is one of those which is made in post processing.

We were walking round the boating lake in Alexandra Palace in North London and I had a Tamron 10 – 24mm Super zoom fitted to my Pentax K-5. Emma was running off in the distance and I got to a low position and took the picture shown to the left; portrait orientation with the rails leading the eye into the picture. As always I took the picture in RAW so I could processit later in Lightroom.

My Daughter in the Park

Original shot

Later when I got home I produced the cropped version shown above, with the clarity slider on Lightroom lower but the vibrance and saturation pushed up to  give the slightly dreamy effect. I think it works really well, but I can’t deside if the cropped version is better than the original. Opinions ?

This image, along with the best of the rest I took that day are in a set on my Flickr photostream

7 thoughts on “My Daughter in the Park

  1. I like both of them and I think it would depend on how you are going to use the pictures. The focus is on Emma in the first one, (a daddy shot), the focus is on a child in the park in the second( more general)…. They are both good though.

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