Macro photography – Scorpion Fly

Scorpion Fly

This little chap is a scorpion fly, so called because it’s tail has a large red bulbous end which curls back over it’s body and has a sharp end, making it look like a scorpion poised to attack. It is, however, completely harmless (well to humans). I took this picture with my Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro lens fitted to a Pentax K-r DSLR in Jun 2012 in the Priors Wood area of Stevenage.

  • Pentax K-r
  • Tamron 90mm
  • f/8 @ 1/180sec
  • iso 560

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  1. This capture is amazing! The clarity is excellent!

  2. This image is fantastic, nature is so beautiful yet so many of it’s little creatures are not clearly visible to us without close-up photography.

  3. I really like this photo! I’m looking forward to browsing your others. Keep up the good work! (also, thanks for liking my latest gallery)


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