Oil seed field in Hertfordshire

Oil seed field

Oil seed field in Stevenage

Oils seed is common in Hertfordshire and makes a picturesque view in the fields. Last year many of the fields around our house were given over to this crop and with my Sigma 18-125mm fitted to my Pentax K-r I walked the half mile to the closest field one day in May to get some photos.

These pictures are the best of the 10 or so I took that day. As always I shot the series in raw and then post processed in Lightroom, adding quite a boost to the colours to give the punchy, contrasty look you see here.

I have taken pictures of this field at a variety of different times of the year over the past few years and, although I shouldn’t be, when I look at those pictures I’m always staggered how different it looks as the seasons pass.  This photo, at the start of summer makes a very dramatic image with the sharp contrast between the blue of the sky and the yellow of the oilseed field. Someone of Google+ commented that it looks like Dell computer wallpaper.

Oil seed landscape

Oil seed landscape

Perhaps I’ll write a post about the changing seasons with the pictures from Autumn, Summer, Winter and Spring.

The rest of the pictures I took that day are on my flickr account.


12 thoughts on “Oil seed field in Hertfordshire

  1. I grew up in Stevenage, well just outside, and it was a pleasant surprise to come across these pictures depicting such a familiar and lovely scene! Very nice indeed!

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