Wensum river bank

A picture of the River Wensum riverbank taken in Fakenham, Norfolk

River Wensum riverbank

The River Wensum runs through the town of Fakenham in Norfolk, which happens to be the town I was born and raised in. My parent still live in Fakenham, so I quite often visit and take pictures of all the places which have changed so much since I was a boy. Although the paths and fields around the river have changed, the general layout and look of the river remains the same as it was when I used to live in the town.

This picture was taken a couple of years ago now in August 2011, with a Pentax K-r camera and Tamron 10-24mm super wide angle lens.

I did some post processing in Lightroom to boost the image colour and bring out the shadow details, along with a small reduction in the clarity to soften some of the river bank grass.

  • Pentax K-r
  • Tamron 10-24mm Wideangle zoom
  • f/13
  • 1/250 sec
  • iso800
  • 14mm

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