A bit of night photography

Night time pictures of stars - The plough or great bear

My family have all been inspired by the recent ‘Star gazing Live’ program on TV to go out on a relatively clear night and try to look at the stars. Obviously I took a camera with me and tried to take some photographs of the constellations we could see. All in all they came out OK but it’s very difficult when you live in a town with street lighting to get anywhere dark enough to get a properly black night sky.

I used an iso of 800 and tried a shutter speed of between 10 sec and 1 sec, all tripod mounted obviously.

We managed to see Orion and the Great Plough, which are probably the two best known constellations, and I managed to stop James and Emma shining torches about for at least the times the camera shutter was open!

  • Pentax K5
  • Sigma 18-125mm
  • ISO 800
  • 1 sec to 10 sec exposure

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