On holiday with the Takumars

Ok – the title of this sounds like a BBC television comedy but in fact it’s a description of the kit I am taking with me on a family holiday in a couple of weeks time.

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This will be the first occasion when I use the Nex 6 in the primary role I purchased if for – namely as a light, portable camera on family holidays or trips out. When I bought it however I didn’t realise what a catalyst it would be for using vintage manual focus lenses. In the last few weeks I’ve bought several soviet lenses in the jupiter and Industar ranges and the 3 Pentax M42 mount Takumar lenses which are pictured above.

The takumars are going to form the central core of the camera kit I’m taking, along with a pentax k mount Soligor 28mm f/2.8 and my camdiox wide angle adapter. With these lenses in the bag I have the following 35mm equivalent focal lengths at my disposal (taking the nex crop factor into account):

Also of course I have the standard kit lens which gives the equivalent of 24 to 75mm.

I  would like to pick up a takumar 35mm f/3.5 before we go as this would provide a 52.5mm equivalent to give a full range of prime lenses covering just about anything  I can think I would need. I might also take my Vivitar series one 70-210 to provide a bird photography telephoto option.

I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the takumar lenses I’ve added to my collection over the last few weeks and I’m sure that they will give me better quality options than the slower zoom lenses I’m traditionally used to using. I’m looking forward to posting some pictures when we get back.



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