Ickworth House in Suffolk

Ickworth House in Suffolk

Ickworth House in Suffolk

Today we spent a day at Ickworth House in Suffolk which is a National Trust property and I took a series of pictures with my Takumar prime lenses in preparation for our holiday, when I intend to only use fixed focal length prime lenses.

It was quite a cold day, although dry and I set out with the full compliment of lenses. Since we were away all day, I’ve not had time to process all the images but this is one picture I was quite pleased with so I thought I’d post this prior to writing a full post describing our day out later.

One thing I did find tiresome was the number of lens changes necessary as I walked around the estate – but I suspect I’ll get used to it. I did manage to keep up with recording the lens changes as I did them however, so I was pleased with that.

This picture was taken with my Takumar 28mm f/3.5 along with the Camdiox wide angle adapter or focal reducer I posted about last week. I’ve done some post processing with Lightroom to reduce some over exposure in the sky and add  a bit of boost to the daffodils in the foreground.


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