A few samples with a Minolta MD 50mm prime

This is a post featuring some pictures I took today with a Minolta 50mm f/1.7 prime lens fitted to my Sony nex 6. It’s a similar post to one I did a while back on the Pentax 50mm f/1.7. Since the pictures were taken in the same locations around Stevenage, quite a few are of similar scenes so it’s possible to do some comparisons between the two lenses. To view the pictures in full size use this link and navigate by clicking each picture for the next, or use the keyboard arrow keys.

In many ways this lens is very similar to the Pentax K-Mount lens. They are of the same vintage, are both 50mm f/1.7, are of approximately the same size and weight and in fact seem fairly similar in performance, at least on the few sample pictures I’ve taken so far. It’s fitted with a minolta SR mount, so I used a cheap nex – SR mount adaptor from amazon and took all the above pictures on Aperture priority mode.

Although the images looked a bit dull and lifeless on first import into Lightroom, they punched up nicely when I went through my standard Lightroom workflow with them.

I got this lens on a Minolta X-300 35mm slr which I received as part of a bundle when I purchased a National PE-387S thyristor flash from e-bay. The manual flash was the part I wanted, but the X-300 and a couple of extra lenses were pleasant additional items.


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