Vintage camera collection – Fujica STX-1

This is a review and description of a very popular 35mm manual focus single lens reflex camera – the Fuji STX-1.

These pictures can also be viewed full size here

I decided to purchase this camera because I’ve exhausted my initial supply of Miranda cameras so I returned to buying other brands again.

This is a fairly basic 35mm camera made in the late 1970’s as an entry level camera for the fujica range. I bought it from eBay UK for £8 + £5.50 and for that received the camera and lens with a soft case and strap. The camera seems to be fully functioning, and in a clean and tidy state, the only slight issue I found was that a small part of the light seal around the focusing screen had stuck to the bottom edge of the mirror. It only took a couple of seconds to remove that with a pair of tweezers. If I get to put a film through it I will need to replace all the light seals because they have all disintegrated to the usual sticky mess that cameras of this vintage have.

The camera itself is of unremarkable spec, but is fairly easy to use.

The exposure system is powered by a couple of SR44 batteries and is of the match needle variety. Although not very sophisticated, I find this system easy to use and uncomplicated. The shutter speed selected is shown in the viewfinder by way of a mechanical flag on the left hand side, and the exposure meter needle is on the other side. It’s not possible to see the aperture being used in the viewfinder, but there is a depth of field preview, so in a sense that piece of information is not necessary. Metering is done at full aperture with the lens being stopped down as the shot is taken by a small lever in the lens mount.

The viewfinder also incorporates the almost standard split rangefinder style focusing aid in the middle, a micro prism ring around that and then a ground glass screen for the rest of the view.

The lens is a lot like the lenses fitted to similar entry level cameras of this era. For example it is very similar to the XR Rikenon S 50mm f/2.0 fitted to the Ricoh KR-10 being made completely of plastic apart from the actual lens mount which is metal. It is a multi-coated lens, with a reasonable close focus distance of about 2 feet and a maximum aperture of f/2.2. At the moment I don’t have a Fujica X mount adapter for my Nex 6 but I might get one to try the lens out. Normally lenses of this vintage are pretty good – that is certainly true of the Rikenon, and my Pentax 50mm f/1.7 & Minolta 50mm f/1.7.

  • Fujica STX1 35mm slr
  • Shutter speed 1/2 to 1/700 sec + B
  • ISO 25 to 3200
  • Self Timer
  • Depth of field preview button
  • Fujica X mount
  • Shutter release lock
  • X sync hot shoe
  • SR44 batteries
  • Match Needle exposure
  • 55mm f/2.2 X-Fujinon lens
  • Body Ser No: 3523106
  • Lens Ser No: 476235

Edit: I have tried this camera out with a roll of Fomapan 200 developed in caffenol, for the results see here.


6 thoughts on “Vintage camera collection – Fujica STX-1

  1. My grandfather passed away and I received this camera. Was wondering of its value as I am not a photography person al all. Thanks for your help.

    • Hi

      A standard Fujica STX-1 is only worth a few pounds. It might be a bit more if there is a collection of lenses with the camera, but the STX-1 was not a very high spec unit I’m afraid.

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