Minolta Dynax 505si Super sample pictures

We recently went on holiday to Gloucestershire and as well as my Pentax K5 DSLR I also took along a couple of film cameras. One of them, which was slipped into my bay at the last moment (because it had just turned up from eBay that morning), was a Minolta Dynax 505si Super, and these are some of the pictures I took on the trip with that camera.

All these pictures were taken using the standard lens which was supplied with the camera when new (an AF zoom 28-80 f/3.5-5.6) and were mainly shot using autofocus and aperture priority on Fuji Superia X-Tra 400 film. They were processed by Photo Express in Hull and scanned to Tiff format files by them. The post processing was done in Lightroom using my 35mm film processing workflow. You can see all this pictures in full size using this link.


4 thoughts on “Minolta Dynax 505si Super sample pictures

  1. A nice selection of images and helping to keep film photography alive albeit at a price.
    They are a really nice camera to handle and even with the 70-210 lens they have good balance and not overly front end heavy.
    I have always found them to be reliable when left on the programme mode and auto-focus option.
    I have three Minolta Dynax 505 bodies and a range of four lenses – a 505si,a 505si Super and the much less seen Minolta Sweet.
    The Minolta Sweet is of course the all singing – all dancing 505si Super including the Data-back as is on the 505si Super but it was not distributed in Europe.

    Keep up the good work Simon.

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